Welcome to the 2017 MLA Annual Conference! This year’s theme is Radical Librarianship - the power of libraries to provide access to the truth, strengthen our community voices, create opportunity for exploration and innovation, and assist our patrons to build a better future. Libraries have always been radical, but what does Radical Librarianship mean for us today? Join us at the 2017 MLA Annual Conference to help shape that conversation!

Olivia Hedlund

Olivia Hedlund is the Branch Manager of St. Francis Library, Anoka County's smallest library. She received her MLS from IUPUI in 2013 and has since worked in a variety of roles and settings in both public and academic libraries. If she were a character from the board game "Pandemic," she'd be the generalist; a character with no particularly specialty but one that has great flexibility and the ability to do a little bit of everything!