Welcome to the 2017 MLA Annual Conference! This year’s theme is Radical Librarianship - the power of libraries to provide access to the truth, strengthen our community voices, create opportunity for exploration and innovation, and assist our patrons to build a better future. Libraries have always been radical, but what does Radical Librarianship mean for us today? Join us at the 2017 MLA Annual Conference to help shape that conversation!

Daniel Ostroot

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Library Services Coordinator
Daniel has been haunting libraries since he was young, and working in them for the past seven years. When he's not shelving, or re-shelving, or re-re-shelving, his idea of a good time is teaching information literacy to higher ed students. On occasion, he can be found working on his pop culture knowledge and delving into the wide world of social justice.